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6 reasons why your vote is really important


Politics is part of our daily lives. We see it in media outlets, in conversations with family and friends, on the streets. There are those who appreciate it, others repudiate it, and some say they are indifferent. A lot of us relate politics to negative images and corruption, preferring to stay as far away from it as possible. But is it really possible to be indifferent to politics?

Why voting is important

Despite improvements in democracy, it is not uncommon to hear that “all politicians are the same” and that voting is “a boring and pointless undertaking”. Yet, those who usually say that overlook the power of the vote and the direct influence it has on their lives.

Besides representing an act of citizenship, elections are a fundamental pillar of a democracy as it enables people to choose representatives and rulers who will make and execute laws that shape their societies.

Hence, it is possible to say that being careless about your choice means that you are ultimately being careless about your own quality of life. In addition, it is important to remember that politicians “manage” the taxes that we pay. That is yet another reason why we should value politics and follow with attention and discretion everything that happens in our city, state and country.

In this context, voting must also be a conscious act; we must vote for politicians with a clean past and proposals aimed at improving the lives of the community. In order to do so, we have to accept the idea that politicians are not all the same. Although there are corrupt and incompetent politicians, there are also those who are dedicated and responsible for their position.

As a way to identify the best candidates, one should follow the news, listen to speeches, and be actively engaged in community meetings. Then, if we find that that politician has valuable interests, a trustworthy and confident discourse, and is not involved in corruption we can set the basis for our vote.

Below are 6 reasons why your vote matters.

1. It is a right and a duty

Citizens of many countries don’t even have the possibility to vote and elect their governors due to different political systems based on traditional castes, monarchical families or self-appointed dictators. Conversely, those whom a part of a democratic system enjoy more political freedom as they have the opportunity to choose representatives according to their personal opinions. This is the first step to create a fairer community and society.

2. A way to exercise democracy

Voting is the main form of democratic participation. It is through voting that the representatives who direct the futures of our town, state, or even country, are elected. Therefore, if a governor defines bad economic policies, this could lead to an increase in unemployment, a decrease in household income and overall social instability.


3. Fight corruption and immorality

Nowadays, it is common to see publications revealing acts of corruption, especially in countries with ineffective democratic systems. Yet, it is also common to see those same politicians re-elected. Hence, if we are aware of the importance of our vote, we will be careful in choosing representatives we trust or, at least, relate to their values and principles.

4. Be an active part of society

All the issues that arise in our communities or society – be them economic, cultural or social –  depend on political solutions. In this sense, the importance of voting is central since it is from this political right that the citizen will exercise power, indirectly, through the choice of his representatives. The representatives, in turn, should exercise power in the name of the citizen, proposing solutions for the municipality.

5. Each vote counts

Each vote is important, even if it seems minimal. Besides adding to the numbers at an election it also shows a tendency and expresses an opinion.

6. It sets an example

We all want our children and grandchildren to grow up to live in a better and fairer world. Hence, when you vote and share the perspectives of your decision with the family, you instill in the new generations that same expression of interest in the public. Thus, they will understand that voting is a duty and a possibility for citizens to choose and be elected.




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