Our website has a unique focus on politics and different societies around the globe. There are many countries in the world with people who have different political leanings, originating from different societies. In this diverse world, it is odd to expect all people to have a common political view or opinions.

People subscribe to different ideologies and leanings, and this influence their day to day lives. This website seeks to look into the interaction of people and society, and how the aspect of politics comes in. People form societies, and these societies end up forming countries.

When looking at politics and society around the world, it, therefore, becomes essential to start looking at the people. The people are the main points of focus since they remain the key ingredient to these societies and countries in general.

This website also delves into how politics remains an essential aspect in the lives of people globally since most of their lives are impacted by the political decisions of their leaders and governments in general.

Since different individuals have different political inclinations, different political inclinations have different priorities when it comes to managing the government, or the use of resources when they are in power.

While some may favor big government, some may be proponents for small government. This is entirely politically-motivated since it stems from how people want things to work in their societies. This explains why there is a unique interaction between people, society, countries, and politics, and this forms the mainstay of this blog.

The author has a deep interest in the different peoples and societies around the world, and this website remains a key forum to put across some views about the same. The team, just like the author, harbor the common objective of looking into and delving into how people, society and politics interact in various places in the world.