The Liberal Clause


My name is Clause and I have a clause that describes perfectly my views on the world that we live in today: I am a pro-liberal. What else could tell more and better about me? This is just enough to tell everybody about the things I believe in and what’s worth fighting for.

First of all, I believe in liberty – of all forms. An individual should be free to do and express however he or she likes, in legal ways, of course. Politics or media shouldn’t tell or try to teach one how to say or express something, or how to think – clearly not. In a world like ours, freedom should always be just like at the moment we are born in, complete.

Then, besides liberty, I believe in equality. All people should be equal – there’s no need for further explanation on this matter because it sounds good. No matter where you stand at the moment, you consider yourself equal – and that’s the right way an individual should think about him or her.

Moreover, I am a supporter of many things – things that make all of us human. Democracy is one of them, as it is the ideology that does not constrain the citizen. The people are free to choose their leaders and to overthrow them if they are not meant for their position.

I don’t even have to mention race equality, gender, and civil rights. As I’ve said before, one is free to do with his or her life as they please and nothing should stop them from doing that.

The last but not least, I stand once more for freedom. Freedom of the markets, of the press, of religion, and, of course, of speech. If you have something to say, then stand up and say it.

If you have something you believe in, then believe in it with all the warmth of your heart. If you have something that the world must know, then let the world know, as I am not going to stop you. And, if you have something to sell, then sell it for your own price and for the price the customers are happy with.

After all, everything I and all the pro-liberals work for is a better country, a better world, better people – and there’s nothing nobler than that.