Contemporary Feminist Perspective on Struggle

Modern feminism is about the perspective of women and their fight for position and plight in the society. Women undergo a lot of struggle and pressure in everyday life and their fate for over the years remains a struggle for space and position. Contemporary feminism is about the events that define the timeline of women and those that believe in the importance of women’s position regarding equality, equity, and independence in decision-making. It is a perspective that defines the woman from the dark times when their place was the kitchen, and their work confinement was within the family house. The contemporary feminism began in 1848 with the women liberation meeting than in the new United States, where women make decisions regarding their chiefs and war strategies (Baumgardner). Contemporary feminism defines the struggle of women to determine their sexual life, decide on the number of children and be equal partners in a marriage concerning the right of inheritance and right to own a property.

The Fourth Wave comes at a time when technology braces the daily lives of women as a result of the feminist backlash coming up to be tech savvy and gender sophisticated (Baumgardner). Events such as the 9/11, the Hillary and Obama face off in the Democratic Party Primaries and the activities of the second wave woman’s ideologies characterize this wave. The fourth wave of the feminist movement exemplifies the types of women who actively participate in social media. Further, they display full rights of opinion through countless blog posts, twitter campaigns, and other social media practices.

The feminist theorist describes our time, characterized by revolution and split, as part of the fourth wave. The independence that the feminists derive from the fourth wave maintains a diverse perspective among feminists, as waves of mass change are coming faster due to the media advances and globalization (Baumgardner). In this case, more fights among the feminists that barred them from seeing the shared real issues lead to their split. That is perhaps the feminist perspective of our time.

Feminists deal with social, gender, civil and family injustices in society. The women require a recognition as essential tenets of the family and the community from which they come, and it is the work of feminists to drive this agenda and fight for their space in the society. Gender imbalance is a reality in the United States, and beyond, feminists of all waves make it their duty to struggle and push for some level of balance. For instance, the fourth wave sees women take an active role in political arena just as in the wave zero that later diminishes only to take effect in the fourth wave. In the same way, the third wave exemplifies a strain of feminist’s active role in sports and last charge for their sex life.

The fourth wave defines the independence of a woman and their rightful place against men. The fourth wave is about the freedom of the mind of the feminists, changing roles and revolution of social participation.  This wave defines women who give their comments and perspectives freely on news items. More importantly, the fourth wave marks the onset of women’s independence on decision making on significant issues such as abortion.

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