Is a National High School Exam a Waste of Time?

A couple of years ago, the majority of U.S. states introduced a new requirement in their education curriculum, asking students to take a final exam once they finalize high school. However, the recent trends show that many states have started dropping this idea and refuse to create unnecessary stress and problem for their students. Is a high school exam necessary for today’s students? This is a debatable subject which many students receive as an assignment from their evaluators. So, let’s pretend I don’t know where to start and write my paper for me about the necessity of a national high school exam, here’s what to do.

Should We Have a National High School Exam?

  • Explain what is the purpose of a high school national exam

What do evaluators have in their mind when they create the rule of taking a national high school exam for graduation? This is a question that makes many students wonder once they reach the final year and discover that they have one more milestone to pass to graduate. In theory, a national high school exam is created to evaluate the students’ performance and accuracy at the end of the year. Usually, a final high school exam helps students and their tutors identify whether they are prepared to move on to the next level, which is college life. Before deciding which side to take in your essay about national high school exams, you should let your audience know what is the purpose of such exams and what is their effect on society.

  • Are national high school exams a waste of time?

When writing an essay about national high school exams, you should expose both sides of the problem. Until you present your point of view, you should let your audience know about the pros and cons in case of a national high school exam. Even though a national high school exam has been created as a quality checker for high school graduates, the reality looks a bit different. Actually, such an exam is just another barrier in the way of many students who might have the potential and credentials to apply for college but are not so brilliant in such exams. Therefore, instead of measuring intelligence, college readiness, or academic ability, such exams turn out to be a waste of time. When you include such statements in your essay, it is very important to back any information with trustworthy sources and relevant statistics. You can check for essays and inspiration on this topic also.

  • Do national exams improve learning?

There is no doubt that national high school exams can be stressful. However, they can also be very helpful in improving and developing students’ learning capabilities. You can compare studying with exercising. When you go to the gym and exercise regularly, you train your muscles and you grow stronger. The same happens in your brain. When you study and prepare for the high school exam, you keep your brain trained and ready for college life. Again, when offering a positive view of the national high school exams, you should carefully research the information and back everything up with trustworthy sources.

Finally, once you have given both pros and cons on the topic, you should also offer your personal opinion. Your evaluators will appreciate it if you come with arguments to support one side of the situation or the other.


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