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Privacy Policy


When accessing a website, it’s important for the users to know exactly what type of data is being collected from them, how the data is collected, and how the website and its owners are going to use the said data.

Privacy is as important to us as it is to you, our user – therefore you must be aware of the information we may collect from you and in which cases we collect such information.

Therefore, below you will find our Privacy Policy that details everything you should know about what happens to your personal or non-personal information from the moment you access our website and/ or decide to provide us with certain personal information.

Identification Information

As we have mentioned earlier, once you access our website, there are two types of information that we may collect from you, namely personal and non-personal information. In the case of personal information, you choose whether you want to share this with us or not.

This personal information may be requested in the form of your name and/ or e-mail address when accessing some of the features our website has available for its users. For example, when posting a comment or choosing to send us a message, you may be requested to fill in some forms that may contain your name and/ or e-mail address.

However, keep in mind that certain features of our website cannot be used if you do not wish to share any of the said information with us. The features that we mentioned, commenting and sending us a message, will require some of your personal information – otherwise, you will not be able to use those features and you access to some parts of our website might be limited.

In terms of non-personal information, we collect it in order to come up with an analysis of our website that concerns traffic, performance, and other things that can improve and customize the users’ experience when they are accessing our website.

Therefore, we may collect information regarding the type of browser you use, as well as your means of connection to our website – case in which we’ll be provided with your internet service provider and your computer’s operating system.

Beyond this, there is no other information that is collected on our website. Private information, such as your religious and political beliefs, health, sexuality, ethnic origin, and race will never be collected by our website as it is not needed for its proper functioning.

Disposal of Information that’s not needed

There may be some cases in which we have information that is not needed for us or four our website. In these cases, we will take the appropriate measures and dispose of such information entirely by completely deleting it from our servers and from our website.

Any information that we do not need will be de-identified and destroyed unless we are prevented by law to do so.

Browser Cookies

Another mean of collecting data is by using cookies. They are a piece of software technology that can gather technical information at the moment you access our website. They are sent by our website to your computer and then stored in its hard drive. Don’t worry, they are not meant to extract information from your computer or provide us with additional personal information.

They provide us with information that’s required only to create statistics and analyze the performance of our website. Moreover, they are used to create a customized experience for the users of our website.

You can choose to stop cookies being used by our website by modifying this setting in your browser’s setting. However, keep in mind that doing so might limit your access to some areas/ pages and features of our website.

No one is able, via cookies, to personally identify you – therefore, you can rest assured the next time you are notified that a certain website is using cookies.

Using Your Personal Data

We use the data that we collect from you in two ways only.

The personal data that you choose to share with us will be used only to reply to the messages that you may send us or to the comments that you may post on our website. Most of the personal data is collected to prevent any users from engaging in malicious activity on our website.

The non-personal data we collect from you is only used to tailor a customized experience for the users of our website and create statistics for our website – such as the number of views we have in one month, the number of times a certain page has been accessed, and the amount of time users have spent on a certain page of our website.

Your data may also be used to display targeted advertising while you are on our website. Moreover, you might also be sent marketing communications with the help of the data you choose to share with us.

Data Protection

We do our best to keep safe all of the data the users of our website share with us. However, there are times when this data may be compromised – by hackers or leaks, for example.

In this case, we do not take any responsibility for what happens. There are risks that come with the use of every website out there, therefore we are not liable for any external means that might be used to compromise, delete, misuse, disclose, or change the data you have provided our website with.

Still, we will do everything in our powers to keep the information and data you share with us as safe as possible. Indeed, you share data at your own risk – but we will ensure that it is always kept safe.

Privacy Policy Changes and Contact

This privacy policy is subject to change at any given time, without any prior notice. It is your duty and responsibility to read the Privacy Policy of our website before further using it.

The Privacy Policy page can be found at the bottom of our website page, so be sure to read it when you have the chance as you must be aware of the ways we collect, keep, and use the information you share with us.

If you have any questions regarding the way we use your information, don’t hesitate to contact us. This can be done by accessing the Contact page that can be found on our website. We’ll make sure to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.