The Liberal Clause

The story behind

Since I was only a child, I was interested in how countries run themselves. Namely, about what it takes to successfully make a country happy. Does it have to be the people or the politicians? Who works the most in making the country happy?

I’ve come up with what I call a good answer – everybody is meant to work for the happiness of a country. This may sound like something else but hear me out a bit. I, a pro-liberal, support the freedom of speech, therefore, people should take advantage of this right they have and not be afraid to make use of it.

This way, we all contribute to the freedom of speech that the ones that should have it as well don’t. Eventually, this will make all the people happy, because they can express themselves and have people that listen to them as well.

As it seems not many people know about the cause I support and about the rights that should be entitled to them, I decided to come up with this blog and provide everybody with the information they should know.

Why? Because only reading about a political philosophy doesn’t make you fully understand what’s going on. You have to take that theory and apply it to the world we live in – and this world is far from what some of us expected it to be.

That’s what I’m trying to change – how people view different political ideologies and parties as well as their general view on liberalism. I’m not trying to persuade any of you to join my cause, but to at least understand why I believe in it with all my heart.

For me, liberalism is the thing that could make us see a change in our countries – gender and race equality, the support of civil rights, and many more.

My purpose is to inform and tell you about the things other ideologies do wrong and about the things liberals do right – things that may and can be of help to support the people and the people only.